FHC Retreat 2018: March 16-18

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The theme for the 2018 FHC Retreat is “Making Room at the Table,” considering how, when Jesus walked the earth, he spent time with, valued, and chose as his closest friends those whom society – and particularly church leaders – marginalized and rejected. As his followers, we are called to be intentional about creating hospitable environments in our communities. How can a church be more relevant to, and inclusive of, those who have often been excluded?


This year’s Retreat speaker is Lisa Diller. Lisa is an historian (PhD, University of Chicago) who teaches on the early modern world at Southern Adventist University.  She researches and writes on religious minorities and the development of modern liberal democracy. In addition to seventeenth century religion and politics, she enjoys service/activism in her urban neighborhood and ministry in the local church community she and her husband Tommy helped start in 2008.  Her academic credentials enable her to talk about history and politics–but her passion is learning how to be part of the kingdom of God, and she loves the friendships and adventures that come with discipleship.



A relaxing, inspiring, and FUN weekend is being planned, including some favorite experiences as well as some fresh and new engagement opportunities. If you would like to be part of the volunteer team for this event, email tami@hospitalchurch.org.




FHC is comprised of people from a variety of backgrounds—diverse in culture, gender, generation, sexuality, occupation, and faith journey. However, each person is surrounded by the grace of Christ and knows they are valued, equal, and included in God’s amazing story. So whether that person has attended for 20 years or one year, when they arrive at Camp Kulaqua to retreat, they know they will experience a bit of heaven on earth in the love, acceptance, inclusion, and joy that fills the weekend.