FLorida Hospital Church children’s ministries provide spiritual lessons and fellowship for OUR YOUNG ONES, from birth to fourth grade.



Our classes start at 10:45 a.m. on Saturday mornings:

  • Birth to 30 months (Room 205): Step back into Bible land, visit the pyramids of Egypt, ride down the Nile in a basket, be one of the 5,000 fed by just five loaves and two fish. Children ages birth through 30 months experience a sensory introduction to Bible stories that teach God’s love and care.
  • 30 to 48 months (Room 202B): Children interact with God through hands-on learning, crafts, learning Bible verses and activities at the nature center. Children in this age group hear stories relating to both the Bible and life.
  • 48 Months to Kindergarten (Room 303/304): This classroom is filled with smiles and laughter. Each week, children experience the Bible through fun and innovative learning station activities. We encourage multi-sensory learning while engaging in musical praise, crafts, nature activities and Bible study.
  • Grades 1 through 2 (Room 107/108): This class works through a Bible-based curriculum and provides enrichment using songs, activities and crafts. Parents are actively involved in helping lead activities and crafts.
  • Grades 3 through 4 (Room 101-102): This class emphasizes a deeper understanding of the Bible that children can apply as life lessons. Parents are encouraged to be involved with classes during Bible study or activities. Children also learn about mission projects, serving God and serving others who are in need.


At FHC, we want to ensure children have a positive experience and parents have peace of mind. We require all our assigned children’s ministry leaders to complete a level-2 FBI background check, in addition to a training and background process called Shield The Vulnerable.