An Unexpected Life

December 26, 2020

Synopsis: The magi left, and an angel told Joseph to flee to Egypt. Egypt. You know, the place where the Israelites were enslaved for hundreds of years and out of which God miraculously led them. You know, the place full of Gentiles, pagan worship, and uncleanness. And God said stay there until I tell you to leave. 


Application: Joseph and Mary were just hanging out in Egypt. They had no idea how long they’d be there. They knew they were leaving, but they also had to make Egypt home. Our world is not as God had intended, and while we’re here, we can separate ourselves from our community and live a safe and secluded life – not allowing the “unholiness” of the world to invade. However, even though this place is not what God intended, it is our current residence, and we have been told to make a difference in it. Mary and Joseph made a home in Egypt, which during that time required both giving to and receiving from a community. How can we engage, connect, and bring unexpected kingdom life to our world?