Authentic Christianity

April 11, 2015

Paul calls for the early Christians to live their lives as “living sacrifices,” not that they are to be perfect, but to be whom God intended them to be. It’s interesting. In the sacrificial system, the lamb not only represented Christ but also innocence. Now when we think of innocence many words come to mind; guiltless, pure, blameless, and then other times naïve, childlike, or harmless. Maybe the best understanding of what Christian innocence is calling for is a life of genuine authenticity. In other words, our lives are not lived to match up to some “perfection line.” Nor are we to try to get God to change his mind about us and, hopefully, find favor. That part is taken care of—actually it’s done. Our lives can now be lived out with seeking to better understand how God sees us and, in that journey, do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with him. Romans 12.