Priesthood of All Believers

April 18, 2015

Peter makes mention that now we are all a part of a new and different “order.” While others are tripped up by the kingdom of God, we see it for what it is—a kind of reverse universe. A kingdom where the first shall be last, the weak will be made strong, and the foolish will confound the wise. God claims us because we made the choice to believe he is who he said he is, and that alone puts us in what Peter calls this royal priesthood. We are all a part of it now—our actions, our intent, the ownership, and the inheritance. We get to share in the work and the party. At FHC, no one is exempt from this calling, and no one is left out of this holy position. Each member is just as important to the work of God as the pastor at the local church or the General Conference President. This not only assigns us the responsibility, it also free us from a culture that is status- and position-minded. It is the reason why our senior pastor took out titles in the bulletin, why children are the highest priority, and why representation is not based on ethnic or socioeconomic status, but on a spiritual accountability. If we are to love people into a lifelong friendship with God, wouldn’t it make sense to know that we are truly in this royal priesthood? 1 Peter 2:9.