Unwrapping Joy: Salvation

December 21, 2019

Unwrapping Joy: Salvation Galatians 4:3-7

God doesn’t just reach down into our world and snatch us out. He must be consistent with himself. Humanity has messed up and, in love, that circle of unbroken unity is willing to alter itself for all eternity. The Son will come—the incarnation of God, fully human and fully divine. We are torn by the loss of a loved one from our family, and it is all so very temporal. God is willing to forever be the human and divine. Jesus doesn’t put on humanity like we put on our jacket in cool weather; he becomes one with us. For all eternity, when the Father speaks to the Son, the language is human.  Jesus unites, bridges, and re-opens the eternal intention of God to invite us messed-up humans into his own inner circle of Trinity life.